• James posted an update 5 years, 8 months ago

    I have no idea what happened but here is the rest of the story. Arriving back at the car, I found out they had doubled the parking fee since I had parked almost four hours earlier. I guess I got lucky again. It’s an hour’s drive just to get out of town but made it with no problem, considering all the construction and detours. I began to get very tired, so I stopped for the night in Abilene, it’s where I grew up, and had dinner at my favorite restaurant and checked into the Wingate hotel. It’s very nice and classy and caters to high end business people during the week. It’s not crowded on the weekends, so it’s quiet and calm which makes it more enjoyable.
    I will leave early tomorrow morning and head back home, just a little over two hours away and turn in the rent car. I am turning in early tonight because I am about worn out. I thought the flu was behind me but it’s still hanging on a bit. Sure hope I am not having a relapse. Hope I didn’t bore ya’ll to much with this trip but I had a lot of fun.