• James posted an update 5 years, 8 months ago

    Made it to the motorcycle show at the Convention Center in downtown Dallas with no problems. But, finding a place to park was a nightmare. I got lucky and they were just opening another area about four blocks away, so I pulled in at a cost of $10. After getting inside, I learned their were three big events going on, which was the reason for no parking where I usually park.
    After getting inside, I wandered around checking out all the new bikes and the ones entered in the custom show, which by the way were all ugly by my standards, but I won’t waste any words on that. My phone rang and it was my best friend, Steve, who moved to the metroplex a few years ago and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was looking at some new bikes and he asked where. Well, he was about fifty steps away from me, so we hooked up and caught up on some stuff and had a nice time.
    At the Honda exhibit, talking to the rep, I told, him I planned to buy a new Wing soon, so he gave me a 40th anniversary Gold Wing cap for free. Honda is proud of their caps and this one is not available at dealers where they cost around $25, so I was pleasantly surprised. We wandered through the trade show where you can buy about anything motorcycle related and I started feeling bad again from having the flu earlier in the week. So, we said out good byes and I headed out.