• James posted an update 5 years, 8 months ago

    Made it safely to Dallas after an icy start this morning. We had sleet and freezing rain last night giving the roads an icy covering and then it started snowing and snowed all night. The snow was a blessing because it gave some traction on the icy roads and made it easier to get around. It was slow going for a good while and I passed four wrecks on the way out of town and this was well before morning rush started. After about 90 minutes of slow travel, the roads cleared up and I drove about 80mph all the way here.
    The Nissan had traction control which i am sure contributed to making traveling on the ice easier. It also got great gas mileage, about three times that of my big Ford truck. It’s a great car, but I will stick to trucks. The repair shop called about my truck and all it needs is a new u-joint on the drive shaft. I should be able to pick it up on Monday!!!
    Also, made it to Shepler’s a bit ago. It’s a huge western wear outlet store here in the Metroplex. They didn’t have any Justin full quill ostrich boots like I had my heart set on. But, they had some Lucchese brand boots which are quite expensive and something I always dreamed of having but to much of a cheapskate to buy. The guy talked me into trying them on and wow, the most comfortable pair of boots I ever slid over my feet. After a bit of haggling, I walked out the door with a new pair of black Ostrich and about $200 of the price. I may sleep in these things tonight since they are so comfortable.
    Tomorrow, I will spend most of the day at the motorcycle show and looking very forward to going there again. I always have a good time and enjoy looking at all the new bikes. After leaving there, I will drive to Abilene and spend tomorrow night there and back to Midland on Sunday.
    Have a good weekend and enjoy yourselves.