• James posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    We made it back home just a bit before dark last night after a crazy day of weather. It was 35 degrees when we rolled out of Las Vegas and luckily I had thrown in my electric jacket, so I was able to stay plenty warm while riding. Heading south we lost elevation and it slowly began warming up but the heavy cloud cover kept things cool. By late morning, the sun finally popped out and we had about of three hours of pleasant riding before hitting high winds the preceded another cold front and by the time we got to the Texas state line it was cloudy, cold and gusty high winds. We stopped and put our electric jackets back on and had a 75 mph speed limit all the way home and since I was leading, we blew a hole in the wind and cranked it up making it home before dark.
    Never did get to see the ghost in the hotel but twice we heard knocking and scratching on our hotel room door but nobody was there after opening the door. We were in room 305 and the ghost stays in 310, just a short distance away. We always had a good laugh about it but it never bothered us. This area is also rich in history and if you enjoy movies and stories about the old west and gunslingers of that era, many of them lived and roamed and hid from the law in the area. Billy the Kid was probably the most famous outlaw in these parts and was killed not far from here. Cattle rustling and hangings were also common even into the early 1900’s. So, If you are a history buff or just enjoy the scenery, this is a nice place to visit.
    Not many pictures today since we had a long ride and had to push it to get home before dark. I did find another rattlesnake sign at another highway rest stop. Don’t know why but they always give me a good laugh when I see one.
    Today, Ron and I spent the morning working on the motorcycles. I had to change the engine oil and filter and final drive oil, both a fairly easy job and we had to tear down his heel/tie shifter since it was giving him problems but we got it fixed also.
    Hopefully, tomorrow we can wash the bikes and get them all cleaned up and shining again. We set a high temperature record of only 57 degrees and sure hope it warms up tomorrow.