• James posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    We woke up this morning with a big storm hitting the Amarillo area, so we waited a while and it let up some. We quickly loaded the bikes, got into our raingear and hit the road. Near the little podunk town of Vega things started to look better and before long the rain stopped. At Tucumcari, we topped off with fuel and got some sandwiches and chips and headed northwest on Hwy. 104. It’s a little two lane road the moseys along through the hills and valleys. We found a state park along the way and pulled in to have our lunch and relax and kill some time. The sun was out and it was a very pleasant stop having lunch under the trees. We continued our relaxed pace before beginning the climb into the mountains, stopping a couple of times for pictures.
    Arriving in Las Vegas, NM, we finally found the hotel after my GPS sent up on a wild goose chase. Checking in, somehow I had reserved the Bridal Suite but they got it all fixed up and we got the room we wanted. The hotel was built in 1882 and Teddy Rosevelt and the Rough Riders stayed here after holding their first meeting in the lobby. It is very elegant with lots of antique furniture and is a very classy place. There is supposedly a ghost that lives here also.
    My friend from Canada was held up in Colorado due to it snowing heavily there last night and was not able to leave until early afternoon but he made it here safely and we all enjoyed a nice dinner together and sitting around the room now telling stories and lies.
    Tomorrow we will head back home if the ghost doesn’t get us tonight. So see you down the road and have a nice day tomorrow.