• James posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    Today we went to the Brazos Bend state park on the southwest side of Houston and I truly had quite an adventure. Being a native Texan and living here all my life, I never knew we had such a large population of alligators and crocodiles in the Coastal Bend region of the state. Altogether, we saw about fifteen alligators ranging in size from around three feet long to over eight feet. The largest one in the park is about twelve feet long and is rarely seen according to the park rangers. They seemed to be somewhat shy of people and always slid back into the water quickly when approached and then just lay motionless in the water always keeping an eye on you.
    I did get to hold a small alligator, just a baby at about ten inches. It was very soft skinned and really looked like just a harmless lizard. We did get to see two gators get into a fight about thirty yards of the bank of the lake. The larger one quickly won the battle with the smaller one quickly making an exit, but not after a few seconds of seeing feet and tails flying around along with a lot of twisting and rolling in the water.
    If you ever make it down this way, it’s just a short drive from Houston itself and could turn out to be quite an adventure for you.