• James posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    Yesterday, I spent most of the day riding with an 80% chance of rain and never saw a drop of rain. Today was only a 20% chance of rain and it was pouring down early this morning, so I waited a while hoping it would pass but finally gave up hope and loaded the bike and started for Houston and it stopped soon after departing from Georgetown. Traffic was light at first but became heavier as I neared Houston and soon it was a nightmare being on two wheels in that mess. Luckily, the GPS took me straight to my niece’s house with no problems arriving there in the early afternoon.
    I did stop a couple of times for pics along with a fuel stop and one stop to relax a bit before heading into the maze of roads that make up the Houston highway system. Having always flown in here and leaving the driving to someone else was always easy but I was a little nervous about being on the motorcycle and not really knowing where I was going but it all worked out great.
    Either tomorrow or Sunday we will go to Brazos State Park to look for alligators which sounds kind of exciting. They have seen them many times before while here, so I hope it works out this trip and maybe I can post some more exciting pictures. But, until then, enjoy your weekend and have a much needed break from the grind of working.