• James posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    Spent eight hours on the bike today, stopping a few times to take a break or gas up the motorcycle and had a nice day. The clouds were thick and heavy most of the day, looking like they could dump a lot of rain at any given moment but the rain fairys were on my side and never got a drop even though the rainsuit was where I could get to it easily. The GPS didn’t do any good either since the clouds were so thick that it couldn’t pick up any satellites but since I have been through this part of the state many times, it was no problem finding my way around.
    The bluebonnets were about gone, the locals said I was about three weeks to late but there were still a few scraggly ones hanging on. The Texas hill country was very green with all the recent rains but made the riding almost miserable in the humidity. I made a quick stop in Luchenbach and had a bite to eat before taking some back roads that wind and twist through the hills on my way to Austin.
    The closer I got to Austin the worse the traffic became and I made it to the hotel with no problem. Not wanting to fight the rush hour traffic looking for a place to eat, I ordered a pizza, which they delivered to my room while cleaning the motorcycle up from a huge collection of bug guts. It looks like a storm is building up now, so my clean and shiny scoot may be a mess in the morning.
    It’s about 150 miles to Cypress, just west of Houston, so hopefully I will be there before noon tomorrow unless I find something interesting to check out along the way. Maybe there will be more pics to send tomorrow also.
    Catch you guys later and have a nice weekend.