• James posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    Made it home this afternoon with no problems. It was a great day for riding after a chilly start this morning but it warmed up quickly as I lost elevation riding out of the mountains. My friend left Ft. Davis and headed east to visit his daughter and her family in New Braunfels and I rode home by myself, making good time and luckily not getting a speeding ticket considering staying well above the posted speed limits.
    I did take a few pictures but nothing like I normally do but I have ridden, camped and hiked through this area of Texas many times over the years and there is not much new for me to see. But, snooping around in a dry wash yesterday that leads from a small slot canyon, where I have found some arrowheads after a hard rain, I found what I thought might be something fairly recent since never seeing it before. I don’t know whether it was a grave or a memorial, but considering the pile of rocks on top, it seemed to be a grave. There was no name or anything indicating anyone being there but the heart, roll of barbed wire and some small things left there made me think it could be a grave. I asked in town and nobody knew anything about it including a law enforcement officer we met at dinner last night. He said he would check it out since it was the first he had heard of it. So, who knows what the mystery might be.
    The first part of the week will be kind of busy taking care of things here. The yard needs mowing and there is a small mountain of clothes to wash and repack for the ride to Houston which I plan to start on Thursday morning. It will be a two day trip passing through the Hill Country to see the bluebonnets and all the other vegetation which is in full bloom now. Even though I am pretty tired now, I’m looking forward to hitting the road again.
    Hope all of you have a nice Sunday and a good start of the work week.