• James posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    This has been a bad week for me but it will get better. Lost my job on Monday. The owner sold the company and it was a quick deal with that. Actually, everyone who worked there is out of a job now. So, I spent Tuesday getting the motorcycle and trailer packed to leave on Wed. morning and woke up that morning with a bad sinus infection. So, it was off to the doctor to get a shot and to the pharmacy for some meds and we got away about three hours later than planned. I feel better now but still having a good time in spite of everything. We have a cabin in Ft. Davis in the mountains and spent all day today out riding and hope to do the same tomorrow.
    I will be back home sometime this weekend and have a doctor appt. on Wed. afternoon and plan to leave Thursday morning on another motorcycle trip for Houston to visit my niece and her family for a few days. It will be a route through the Texas hill country to see the fields covered in bluebonnets which are in full bloom now. I have heard it is a sight to see and will find out for myself.
    So, for the time being, I plan to be a vagabond and do what I enjoy most until finding a new job and getting back in the grind again. Hopefully, next time I can post a few pics of this trip in the Davis Mountains and Chihuahuan desert.
    Hope you all have a nice weekend.