• James posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Ya’ll,
    Sounds like you are enjoying a few nice spring days. It’s been in the upper eighties here each day and very nice. I spent yesterday, or part of it, cowboying for an outfit. One of the guys had an accident and I ran him into town and to the emergency room and was gone for about three hours. Not sure what happened but he was roping a calf to drag in and either didn’t daly quick enough or leave enough slack in his rope which resulted in a bad rope burn on his hand. The nylon ropes we use are rough and hard and will strip the skin off your hands before you can react and turn loose. He wasn’t wearing gloves and will pay the price for the next week or so while he heals but he learned a valuable lesson. We got a few stares when we walked into the emergency room wearing our gear and a nurse commented that we looked like we stepped out of the old west from a cattle drive. One lady even asked if we were making a western movie in the area. By the time I arrived back at the ranch, we were finished in about two hours, so I only worked about five hours total.
    Arriving back at the pens returning from the hospital, there were several Asian people that were from China or somewhere over there who were traveling in the US. They had seen them working and stopped to see what what going on. Between jibbering and jabbering and taking video and about 2000 pictures and getting in the way, it was easy to tell they had never seen anything like this. They asked questions but nobody could understand them, so they pointed at stuff. They took pictures of us, horses and cattle and cow poop and everything else. They didn’t like the smell of branding the calves at all, but I have never gotten used to that smell myself. They really didn’t like watching us castrate calves either. I am sure they will return home with some good stories to tell their friends, also.
    Today they will just sweep a couple of pastures and put them in traps to hold until Saturday, when they will continue with branding, marking and vaccinating. A front is supposed to start moving in today, so it may be hard to do because the cattle can get jittery if there is a big change in the weather. I will stay home and clean my house and truck. The truck is filthy and needs an oil change, too, so I will get that all taken care of today.
    Some friends and I are planning a little motorcycle trip to the Davis mountains and maybe even Big Bend in a couple of weeks. One of the guys is in New Orleans now and when he gets back we will get our trip all planned. Can’t wait to hit the road and enjoy a few days on the motorcycle.
    Have a good weekend and stay out of trouble.