• James posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    How did the weather turn out up there Mink? Another ice storm hit here last night. It rained most of the day yesterday with temps dropping steadily all day, so it froze over last night and was a mess this morning. Most of it had melted off by afternoon but I still cancelled my trip just to be on the safe side. They had a good bit of snow all through the panhandle so I figured better to stay home. But I still managed to get a lot done around the house. Got my shirts ironed and even cleaned and recreased a couple of my hats. Maybe next week I can make the trip on my days off if I don’t end up riding fence which is a possibility. Haven’t been horseback in a while and look forward to getting out and doing some work if the weather is good.
    Spring roundup will be starting in a few weeks and hopefully things will work out so I can help on my days off. Nothing better than pushing cattle across the pastures watching the dogs work along with us. Never have gotten used to the smell of burning hair and hide when branding calves though. I don’t think anything can beat that awful stinch and I have been smelling it every spring for as long as I can remember.
    Stay warm up there and stay out of trouble.