• Mink posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago · updated 7 months, 1 week ago

    Another reason NOT to have an Iphone.

    • Steve

      Apple’s had a kill switch since day one. People have found their phones in the past bricked for doing things Apple doesn’t like the users doing. Note I say, users, not owners. Apple’s position is you do not own the phone but license it for use.
      Never would own one and not going to in the future. I’m Apple free these days.
      Steve Jobs once said that users who root their phones should go to prison. I’ve taken that to heart and refuse to buy apple products.
      Enjoy yours.

      • Mink

        I own just an I5 Mackbook pro I got for 120 dollars, and that the extent of my apple products.

        • Steve

          Apple products are designed to pull you into their dark web. You’ll not be able to resist. Applenet is all powerful, and all knowing. You’ll be assimilated into the collective. That laptop has a “secret” chip embedded inside that allows apple to track your every move on the intertubes. You cannot escape the clutches of the evil appletnet collective. Your only route to salvation is to send me that Macbook pro so I can place it into a special shield container thus saving your soul.
          You’ve been warned.