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    America sucks? We should emulate to be like the Europeans? I don’t see or hear of anybody going to this extreme to get into Europe…..or anywhere else.

    • Steve

      Love these stories :-)
      Interesting factoid, back in the 70’s and early 80’s I use to shoot at a really nice range over by Otay Mesa. Border crossing point is San Ysidro just to the South. Of course, it’s been many years since I was in this area. Back to Otay Mesa, they had a lake nearby and the San Diego County Fish and Game people operated a really nice first tier gun range. I became a member and paid minimal fee’s to shoot. A large range that could accommodate any sort of firearm including small cannon. My shooting buddy and I would be some of the first people at the range on Saturday mornings. I’d back up my pickup with a camper shell and we’d make a day of it. Miss being young and full of energy. Several old timers would back up their trucks as well and be shooting mostly 222 rifles that were amazingly accurate. The shooters actually loaded rounds off the back of their trucks using an arbor press, then shoot 3 rounds. All sub-minute of arc accuracy usually all 3 rounds ended up in the same hole. Lost my 2 hats and tee-shirt I had bought over the years. Miss that place.