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    @steveincolorado @wingrider
    What do you think of this?

    • Steve

      Possibly the results of a very big backlash against the banking giant.
      If a large banking institute were to deny banking services to say Planned Parenthood, there’d have been a huge outcry from the left and most likely some sort of lawsuit.

      • James

        I admire anyone who will stand up to any kind of political pressure from special interest type groups and do what they want. As far as I know, we still live in a free country and can still do what we want in most cases without having to cater to what a certain group thinks.
        Besides, Remington makes many other products, mainly for outdoor type people like ourselves and those protesting from what I have seen are city people who couldn’t survive in the wild if they had to.

        • Steve

          For sure most of the protestors come from cities never having used any of these products that we use. I have a soft spot for Remington, own several of their rifles currently and a shotgun. What these protestors need to know, if they do not like Remington, don’t buy their products but do not prevent others from doing so.