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    McCain was always a progressive and a rino. But there is something up with him, I know he is not long for this earth, and his petty “in my opinion” view of who he wants at his funeral kinda says the end is near.

    • Steve

      So a guy that worked for me on the Nimitz was diagnosed with this form of cancer and only survived six more months after the diagnosis. He was only 42 at the time of his passing. I researched a little about this form of cancer and was surprised how aggressive and final it generally is. When McCain announced last year he has been diagnosed with this form of cancer I thought he’d be gone before the end of last year. He’s still here but I suspect he knows the end is near. He’s too old to be able to survive this thing for any decent amount of time. I hate all forms of cancer and do not like to see people diagnosed with cancer, even people I disagree with politically a lot. McCain does have the right to pick and choose who he wants to attend his funeral. I’d not want any politician at my funeral. Oh, I too am working on how I want my funeral to go. The ceremony should be somewhere fun, like a beach with a Hawaiian style luau. I’ll pick the music too with the final processional song, Highway to Hell by AC/DC just to piss off the other crowd.

      Life is random and transitory. Some people live to be over 100 while others die during childhood. No cosmic diety just the way of the universe.

      I read where he finally admits picking Sarah Palin as his VP was a mistake and probably cost him the election but his other pick Joe Lieberman would have been a complete disaster.
      He did well during the Vietnam war even though Trump has blasted him and made inaccurate generalizations about McCain’s war hero status and what he did during the war. One of the biggest gaffs by the President.
      Fair Winds and Following seas shipmate

      • Mink

        Perhaps I was too hasty in saying “petty” I know I wouldn’t want certain people at my funeral. But my here after plans have already been settled, i’m being cremated and toss my ashes, it’s cheap and my sister can do the process and service. I don’t want to be a burden to my family (I don’t have any kids or a wife) so why bother with a elaborate ceremony for people who didn’t bother to see me when I was alive.
        Anyway I can say this because McCain is still alive, he has hurt more than helped the republican party over the years, yes I know he did some good things but he has thrown sand in the gears of the party.
        Well i’m craving a vanilla shake, and I hope the shake machine is working at McDonalds, it”s a 50/50 chance of getting a shake at the one that’s closest to my house.
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend, i’ll talk to you later.

        • Steve

          I do not know if McCain is being petty or not but he has that right. I admire his military service but certainly not his service in the Senate. I agree with your assesment that McCain has more harm than good for the GOP. Once diagnosed with his cancer, he should have stepped down (should be law) and allowed the voters of Arizona to elect a new senator. I’m sorry to see him in this condition but I will not be sorry to see him out of the Senate.
          It’s been over 45 years since I last consumed a shake and I’m not looking to do so now either. Never really was a fan. Of course as a diabetic, and over weight I avoid shakes anyway.
          Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, hope you do not have to “walk” far to find a shake.
          Oh, yea I too will probably be cremated. There is a new veterans cemetery opening up less than 2 miles from my current position in the next couple of years and it’s free to be buried there. I really could care less since I’ll be dead and not know it. Maybe I’ll end up in a veterans cemetery in a foreign country (for US military)? I think the service will start out with Steppenwolf’s version of “Born To Be Wild” 🙂 nice touch

          • James

            I used to really admire the guy but in recent years have compared him to Ted Kennedy. I am sorry he has cancer but wouldn’t be at his funeral if he invited me.

            • Steve

              For certain McCain has moved to the left in recent years. His remorse at not selecting Lieberman for his VP solidified that for me. Joe is very anti-gun and his policy positions are very leftist and socialist.