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    Maybe things like this will bring some new members here.

    • Steve

      I’ve watched these two on YT on and off since the elections in 2016. They are hilarious mostly, clean fun and I’ve never heard anything disgusting from these two. I complained last year to FB about two different ANTIFA FB pages that were advocating for violence and lawlessness against those who supported the current President. Both times FB responded that they would ask that the content is taken down. The two pages were not removed, no warnings nothing. FB shows it’s biased with these things.
      So my take away from this event is African Americans earned Equal Rights/Civil Rights in the 60 but only if African Americans are Leftist/Socialist ideologues. If they are conservative then they still live in the dark ages 🙁

      • Steve

        Hey, Mr. Mink. How can I enlarge my edit/reply windows to more than 2 lines? Can be frustrating at times trying to re-read what I have just written. Thanks.

        • Mink

          Hi Steve,
          Let me look into that. That among other things is what i’m trying to improve.

          • Steve

            It can be a little difficult at times to change configurations in WP, especially if you have a lot of plugins enabled. Have fun.