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  • I’m looking for a reputable site to download Kik to my HP Desktop Win7 pc….all help appreciated!!

  • My new GoFundMe link…worth a shot right??

  • I started a campaign on “GoFundMe” to attempt to keep my cell active. It’s a last-ditch effort to keep my lines of communication uninterrupted. The next step would be an “Obama-Phone” as I have no job, no income, but still surviving & hopeful!!!

  • Sitting here contemplating my move from NY to just get away in a couple months. Have a couple work-from-home possibilities lined up that I can take anywhere, so, I might be finishing this in a much warmer area. Being in NY all my life makes me yearn for much warmer weather & my home life isn’t a life any longer, neither staying here with my buddy…[Read more]

  • New excerpt from my latest book…read & critique!

    Lately, I’d say within the last 3 to 4 months, the change in chat has really begun to annoy me, and the performers as well. There could be up to 1,000 or more viewers in a room and only a handful of ones chatting and/or tipping! Why this occurs is a mystery, I just can’t fathom why people just…[Read more]

  • @lily Hi sweetie! I miss our chats…you, me, Mink & the gang always had hella good times!

  • Comradery is another thing that sets CB apart from other chat sites. The interaction in rooms is what has kept me a member & it also serves as temporary therapy for me as well as for others. We are free to vent, complain, or celebrate the things that happen in our daily lives that we would otherwise have no one to relate them to. We laugh, and…[Read more]

  • Well I can see this will take me at least a year or more to finish…it’s been a few months and I have so much more to add. Being unemployed now might help. Since last year when I was a mod for over 25 rooms, now I have only 6 or 7 that I mod & try to visit faithfully. I’ve been joining quite a few FC’s, and I think they outnumber my modding’s!…[Read more]

  • This is a new excerpt from my “What it takes to be a mod” book:

    After listening to a “podcast” from one of my dearest CB ladies, I have to mention this:
    In my opinion, the bottom line regarding camming & cam performers is RESPECT. Some models/performers are doing this as a side job, but for many it’s a full-time job, and the frustrations that…[Read more]

  • @jake4798 Hey buddy! welcome to the porch! feel free to contact me here any time & be sure to read my posts as well as others!

  • This is from my new book about being a Mod on Chaturbate! All feedback appreciated.

    Title TBD: 2 that were mentioned are:

    MOD-ified…Being a chat room moderator
    Live By The Silence, Die By The Ban….A chat room mod’s opinion

    Any other…[Read more]

  • “Cam-On, Are You Kidding Me”..I’m trying to get input for my next book about my times as a “mod” on CB (Chaturbate) and need all my buddies & ladies input!! e-mail me for details

  • Glad to be back on the porch! Too much happening in life right now, but I’ll do my best to be here & keep in the loop!

  • @minkpussycat14 Thanks my friend…we’re off to a great start…I’ll get other cb buddies & ladies to join too!

  • Glad to be a part of this new website…let’s all celebrate the new beginnings on here & make this a place we can all gather and become a community like no others on the internet!!

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