• RonBpeaches posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    Sitting here contemplating my move from NY to just get away in a couple months. Have a couple work-from-home possibilities lined up that I can take anywhere, so, I might be finishing this in a much warmer area. Being in NY all my life makes me yearn for much warmer weather & my home life isn’t a life any longer, neither staying here with my buddy & his 2 dogs. I was thinking of maybe getting an apartment here in my city until I have enough to move out of NY, but after March I may be well-off enough to take off! Starting job searches (just as a backup) in NC(Raleigh/Durham or Greensboro), FL(Ft. Lauderdale), and CA(San Diego) to see what’s out there in my field (electronics). My stress level was low being away from home & the ex, but feel it rising now again…thank goodness I have CB for some therapy, as I know there are others out there within the CB community who are much worse off than I am, and struggling with anxiety & depression that I can relate to/with.