• RonBpeaches posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    New excerpt from my latest book…read & critique!

    Lately, I’d say within the last 3 to 4 months, the change in chat has really begun to annoy me, and the performers as well. There could be up to 1,000 or more viewers in a room and only a handful of ones chatting and/or tipping! Why this occurs is a mystery, I just can’t fathom why people just enter a room and just sit & watch! Maybe they feel intimidated because they can’t tip or just ran out of tokens, and don’t want to be silenced/kicked if they chat w/o tipping?!! After all, chat & interaction serve to make each room more lively & induce the viewers to return more often. I can’t begin to count all the times that I have posted the comment “Don’t Just Sit There, Talk or Tip” or “Why So Quiet People?” Some rooms even have a rule that if you can’t tip, don’t announce it or say that you’ll tip tomorrow, or when you get paid next. I don’t mind if they say that, but some performers say it’s a negative or cop-out attitude, and the last thing a room needs is an emotional downer. Then again, there are some rooms where the chat moves so fast, the performer has a hard time seeing every comment or question. This is where a mod or mods come in handy. Especially if she/he happens to be in the middle of a “flash” or show. There are many rooms that will turn off or silence grays during shows in order to give their mods a break & be able to watch also. Occasionally there can be rude viewers (other colors) during shows, because rudeness in my eyes has no color. I’ve seen all colors become rude at one time or another. What they get out of that is beyond my comprehension. Even during a “Crazy Ticket Show”, where only viewers who buy a ticket are allowed to see a performance, a few rude users get in, but that’s very rare. There have been a few “slow nights/days” too, mostly from lack of tippers & chatting too. A lot more so than usual. Hopefully things will change/pick up within the next couple months. Tax refund season is almost here, and even I expect a nice refund as always, so I expect a big turn-around coming soon!