• RonBpeaches posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    Comradery is another thing that sets CB apart from other chat sites. The interaction in rooms is what has kept me a member & it also serves as temporary therapy for me as well as for others. We are free to vent, complain, or celebrate the things that happen in our daily lives that we would otherwise have no one to relate them to. We laugh, and cry, we mourn & grieve losses, and give support to any that need comforting. This is more than an adult chat site, it’s a community of people from around the world! True we rarely ever get to physically meet our friends, but some have met off-line & formed even stronger friendships. One of my dreams is to have a “mod party” get-together! I think that would be an awesome meeting. We can, if we want to, broadcast ourselves so that the others can see what we look like. I have done that numerous times & have visited my friends/co-mods/performers rooms also. I broadcast just for fun & I think my biggest tip was just 25 tokens. I’d rather give than receive when it comes to that. One time while broadcasting, I became too “wasted”, had to go to the Emergency Dept. Gave my viewers/friends at the time a bit of a scare! Although the CB Terms Of Service doesn’t allow alcohol or drugs to be used while on cam, I was away from the cam from time to time, so, don’t ban me CB!! I know that I could never make a living being a chat room host and I appreciate & applaud all the performers who count on this for their sole financial support. Sadly I’ve seen some drop out & either get other full-time jobs or go back to school, and some are even forced out due to frustration or other circumstances that made them quit the industry. Sad to see them leave, but they will always have a place in my heart & I still miss them immensely!

    What you all need to know is that myself, as with others on CB, we do live pretty normal lives. We have families, some have wives, husbands, children, etc. In other words we’re not “hollywood” porn stars. We could be your neighbors, but, because of the minds of some people, have to keep cam & chat rooms secretive from others around us. For instance, I was in a room one time, got to chatting in PM (private message) with a co-mod, and come to find out he lives 10 mins. from me. Although we never set a meet, we probably saw each other at some point & never knew our “secret lives” were so closely related. I’ve even chatted with a few guys that we have set future meetings up, when they’re in my city, or if I plan to be in theirs.

    Discretion is the second-most commitment that I strongly attest to, after respect. Although it should be #1 because it’s what keeps the narrow-minded outsiders just that way…outside. We all have screen-names, and yes I know some “real names & addresses” that I will never divulge, but have the opportunity to meet with should the occasion arise. I used to laugh because I’d say all of my best friends are screen names. There was an instance a couple years ago where a model was beaten to death by her roommate & it was on CNN, so her real name became public knowledge to our CB world. The incident still haunts me & even though I never had the pleasure of seeing her online, some of my close CB friends had & we grieved together after it happened. It’s not a pretty sight when the 2 worlds collide & this is why most not only have screen names but the regular names they choose, like Ann, Sue, Mary…etc aren’t their real names either. Discretion must be enforced to ensure anonymity for CB and all other adult chat sites