• RonBpeaches posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    This is a new excerpt from my “What it takes to be a mod” book:

    After listening to a “podcast” from one of my dearest CB ladies, I have to mention this:
    In my opinion, the bottom line regarding camming & cam performers is RESPECT. Some models/performers are doing this as a side job, but for many it’s a full-time job, and the frustrations that come with it can take a toll on them, not just physically, but more important, mentally! They deserve the same respect that any other artist or performer is entitled to. Being a mod, I/we try to ensure that the chat in room(s) doesn’t get out of hand with rude comments & lurid suggestions, which is all to common. This for some/many after all is their main source of income, and nobody wants to be overly stressed at their job. The pay rate, in my opinion, isn’t worth the aggravation. Chat rooms aren’t dating or meet-up sites. They are here to chat & entertain all who enter & participate, plus there are many who look down upon what they do for a living, thus making their job more difficult because they have to basically live 2 lives. I’ve been there & even though my family knows I indulge in chat & chat rooms, I am belittled because of that. It’s true that on some chat websites the models are just there for one’s money with lines like “take me private” or “pay chat only” and won’t even give you the time of day unless they’re making money off you. Chaturbate is so different from those other sites. I’ve been in rooms on CB where the model could sit and chat for hours on end with hardly a tip given, then there are times when tipping floods the room. People on the outside just can’t understand what kind of “community” we have built up there. I find it senseless that there are many who take advantage of the services & entertainment they provide and are just in a room to see how far they can push the mods & models before they are silenced or banned. One thing I can attest to is that in my 3 years on CB, I have always shown respect. Sure I might have been on there while drunk a few times, and maybe pissed some people off, but never intentionally disrespectful. The other thing is when syncing CB with other social medias, such as Twitter, models are at times subject to harassment there & through their e-mails as well. These narrow-minded people have nothing better to do so they berate & “bash” the performers just to be seen & maybe get back at them because they felt cheated in some way. This angers me to no end! To wrap this up, just let me say again…RESPECT is all we ask. Join us, interact, tip if you can, but be a part of the group…don’t just sit there!!