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    This is from my new book about being a Mod on Chaturbate! All feedback appreciated.

    Title TBD: 2 that were mentioned are:

    MOD-ified…Being a chat room moderator
    Live By The Silence, Die By The Ban….A chat room mod’s opinion

    Any other suggestions are more than welcome for a title!

    I’m sending what I wrote so far…from the beginning. i’m amazed how far I’ve gotten but still a long ways to go…needs updating now with all my new rooms/ladies:

    I dedicate this book to all the ladies I have known & lost over the years due to tragedy or just fading into the past. To all the wonderful models and mods who have welcomed me into their lives, and made me feel part of the community on CB.
    To Aferdite; that never should have happened to such a sweet lady. To MistyMonday & LoJo; sorry you gave up camming on cb, love you both and miss our times.

    The porn industry has become a multi-million, maybe even billion dollar business. Adult chat-rooms are just a part of it all, but in my opinion, has grown enormously in the past 10-15 years. You will hear all types of controversy that stems from adult chat. Everything from models being taken advantage of through certain websites to the fact that they make a living doing this type of entertainment. They choose to use webcam modeling as their main or secondary source of income. It’s not an easy life either. The verbal abuse they endure, not to mention the chance of privacy violation, stalkers & even physical injury makes this a somewhat dangerous career move. I have seen & heard most of what I just mentioned. As for the sites that I belong to, these are people just like you & I, (could even be your neighbors) who are brave enough & outgoing enough to “bare all” & make a living of it. Some that I have come to know are even a bit shy in person (as they tell me), believe it or not. They are NOT in the business of meeting their viewers, although some do offer “date-night” raffles & such, which could also be dangerous in it’s own way.They are belittled & put down by those who don’t understand & never take the time to research any of what they consider disgusting behavior. Some consider it art. I just consider it fukking FUN!! Of course they only get a percentage of what the cost is to chat with them (other than free chat). Chat providers/sites have to make money too. Security should be their primary concern though & properties like pictures & videos should remain dedicated to the specific site with only model administration as to how to & who should view them. Privacy & security have always been foremost on my list.
    The following is mainly my experience along with a few other peoples’ own encounters & issues from adult webcam chat rooms. This is not meant to demean anyone in the business & anyone who wants to remain anonymous shall have my utmost respect and can rest assured of anonymity.


    WHO can mod, and who deserves silencing?
    Anyone can be promoted to mod status, that’s up to the performer…it’s the mod’s expectation to know who to silence and that also depends on the performer. Different rules vary in each room.One thing that the mod and performer have to agree on is what is considered disrespect/rudeness. Some performers don’t mind being called baby, babe, or bb, but many will not tolerate those words at all. Anyone who demands without tipping should be silenced, depending on the severity of the demand. Those who enter the room and start name calling are definitely getting silenced/banned. When all is said and done, who gets silenced, and user color is taken into consideration, (just because a user is light or dark blue, and is tipping, doesn’t give that person the right to be rude), is a judgement call sometimes.

    WHAT is a mod & what qualities make a good mod?
    A mod is a moderator of course, one who regulates a room with a combination of witty banter, tipping, promoting the performer through words or emoticons, and soliciting tips from users. What makes someone a good mod is the ability to have a rapport not just with the performer, but with others in the room too. Using judgement, and timing, allowing appropriate language & graphics, and knowing when to censor/silence. Keeping the attention focused mainly on/with the performer with occasionally going off subject to incite interaction with other users/visitors. Praising/complimenting any tips, no matter how much.

    WHEN is a mod needed? WHEN does one get modded?
    Based upon the performer’s preferences, some rooms choose not to assign mods, even when the user count is well over 1,000. A mod should always be not far from the given room, in case the performer decides to assign a temporary one due to the fact one of the regulars isn’t available to promote to mod status. Some users are automatically promoted to mod status as soon as they enter a room. This is when the performer and mod have established a bond/friendship form frequently being in the same room(s). The status has a limitation of 6 months maximum, then can be re-promoted once again.

    WHERE is a mod needed?
    In just about every room. Although some performers choose to moderate for themselves, 90-95% of rooms have chosen or will eventually choose a mod or mods.

    WHY is a mod necessary?
    As stated before, a mod will “police” the room, ejecting trouble-makers, while inciting chat interaction, and encouraging tips.
    While the model is performing, the mod must have the knowledge to answer any legitimate questions that occur, and be able to answer for his/her performer.

    HOW can one become a mod & retain the position?
    By persistent frequenting of any given room, tipping, and gaining a rapport with the performer, besides bringing in new users. Some mods are also Fan Club members, and can chose whether to mod at the time or just interact as a fan club member. FC members are second-in-command, and can assist/give feedback as to whom should be also modded. This is another form of bonding that comes with being a regular user in a room & developing the kind of friendship that helps build a room’s attendance & notarization.

    First of all, let’s cut all the bullshit out, I’m gonna write the way I talk cuz this book aint supposed to sound like a novel, a documentary, or a mock-u-mentary. So, if your lookin’ for a politically correct, line-by-line bunch of boring crap, this book aint for you. I’ve been on porn and chat sites for over 20 years, one of the reasons my marriage of over 30 years ended. Yeah, ima old fukker…old but far from ancient. Maybe if she was a little more open-minded with my on-line activities, things mighta been better, but she saw it as cheating, destroying her self-confidence, and there was no getting around or past that. That is another story in itself, perhaps if I ever pen my biography, it’ll all tie in with my beginnings on cb.

    After many years of joining websites, chatting, an of course, spending, I was referred to a site called Chaturbate.com, which I found to be an intriguing name & concept. Since i had already spent thousands, yes thousands of dollars visiting other sites, I figured I’d give it a shot, although I was never fond of multiple user interaction in chat rooms where I was trying to get to know a performer.
    I was immediately “hooked”, this was a site far beyond the others I had frequented. There were gorgeous women, (unlike other sites where models practically beg you to take them private, or not give you the time of day), and the chat was, for the most part, so casual & centered on 1 or 2 topics (other sites could have 10-12 users talking about 5 or 6 diff. subjects, and if I wasn’t there for the beginning of the convo., or wasn’t a part of their “circle”, would be totally lost/left out). I was warmly greeted by the performer, as well as her mods, and other users in the room. Thus began my cb origins in December of 2012.

    I soon began “learning the ropes”, buying tokens, setting up my account to become a “promoter”, which has a few more perks than a “basic” member. I became friends with a few mods after frequenting the same few rooms, and they enlightened me on what makes a good mod. It wasn’t too long after joining cb, (less that 1 month), that I became a mod for the first time…a title that I cherished
    due to the fact that I considered mods almost like gods. I joined Fan Clubs soon after, and had amassed 10 FC memberships, while increasing my mod title in the same number of rooms.
    Let me digress & explain the representation of the color designations because I will be using the color terms by themselves later on.
    Orange=Host/Hostess/Performer=only one who can “ban” or completely kick someone out of the room which I believe the length of time is currently 6 months.
    They can also reverse any users who get “silenced” by mods accidentally.
    Green=Fan Club member=second in command, most likely a mod too, but not always as other visitors may join FC at any time. No “ban” or “silence” capabilities, but the combination of a mod/FC member is actually higher than a regular FC member.
    Red=Mod, not necessarily a FC member too, but can be. Mods can “silence” users who are rude, one’s who ignore room rules, this includes FC members, but as a rule FC members know their place and are never rude or ignorant. Silencing is only 6 hour duration, and users can still watch in the room but cannot text/chat.
    Dark Purple= User who has tipped over 500 tokens in the past 24 hours.
    Light Purple= User who has tipped 250 in the past 24 hours.
    Dark Blue= User who has tokens and tipped at least 50 of them in past 24 hours.
    Light Blue= User who has tokens and hasn’t tipped at least 50 in 24 hours.
    Gray(or Grey)= User with no tokens (although some know how to get around this & are able to talk/chat even when grays aren’t allowed to).
    As far as the price of tokens for users and the monetary worth to the models, that will be introduced later. I now am a mod in 15-20 rooms but a FC member in only 5 or 6. As we progress through my first year, you’ll discover why, what happened along the way. I also have many mod “brothers”, which I would say conservatively is around 55 or 60. There are a dozen of us who see each other almost daily in same rooms, and they are the ones closest to me. There are also about 4 or 5 who I consider “very close”, and although we never met face-to-face, I would trust them with my life. They will be contributing their own stories which should make for very interesting reading.

    I began as any user, as a grey just checking out different rooms…following the ones that I wanted to come back to see any time they were broadcasting. Each room has or should have a “follow” tab/button to click and that will create an alert via user’s e-mail. A room may have any where from 25-50 people at a time to 2,500-5,000. In the beginning, and still today when I explore or “troll” new rooms, I tend to go with the less crowded ones as I have a better chance of getting my text/chat answered and better odds at being remembered. I started off getting as many tokens as I could in 1 transaction, which was not many at the time due to the fact I was new & still just a basic member. My next goal was to advance to promoter status. That was only twenty bucks, which automatically gave me 200 more tokens, but I had to maintain the $20/mo. fee to stay a promoter. Being a promoter allowed me to PM (private/personal message) all users including mods & models. I was cautious at first, only PM’ing ones I saw most often. Now I don’t care, I’m more “ballsy” & PM whoever & whenever I want!!

    Two of my first most frequented rooms were Jordyn (JordynLeeXX), and Taylor (Fu_que_kings), but most of my time was spent in Jordyn’s room where my co-mods & I loved to have tip-war battles. I know I’m forgetting 1 or 2 of them, but Falbal86 & Techno_guy, and eventually Smoke9864, who was a dark blue at the time, would try to out tip the others. A couple times when no other mods were around and it was slow, Jordyn & I would just sit and chat for what seemed like hours on end. She is a fabulous person & very very sexy, especially her sexy, seductive dances. We had a misunderstanding and unfortunately she obviously hates me now. One of the most difficult things about my cb times I have to deal with to this day! Some models/performers reserve the right to password protect their shows due to lack of tippers & only 2 or 3 tipping all night. I remember at least 2x where Smoke & I had a private show with JordynLee & we had a blast tipping & out-tipping, as well as watching & helping out in my 1st Hitachi torture show! We must have been in there for 2 hours maybe 3 until the “big O” happened! This was of course after spending an hour or 2 with her and others before the private show!! This was a frequent event for my 1st 2 months on cb.

    Taylor was another one of my most frequented rooms…although she had 2 main mods, when I became one in her room, we 3 mods had a lot of laughs also. I still visit Taylor occasionally, as my circle has grown & she is not on as much or her hours aren’t in sync with mine. Back at that time mods were able to silence other mods too (since been cancelled) and we had fun silencing each other in both rooms I mentioned (there was no “un-silencing” back then, so had to wait til next night to return). The 2x that I was silenced, once accidentally when chat was moving so damn fast, and once for fun, is when I met my next 2 or 3 ladies.
    The order may not be right, but Sugar (Lilsugartink89), Storm (Autumn_Storm), and my #1 lady to this day, Lil (Lilsquirt1). I see Autumn on rare occasions, and it was in her room I met one of my mod mentors, Gamer (TheGamebrg). We co-modded Autumns room and had many, many hilariously funny nights. I am not at liberty to say why we 3 aren’t together now as we were in the past. I’m still in touch with both though.

    Another lovely lady who’s company I have the pleasure of meeting & still know is Steph (FirenIce1111). I remember our 1st Sunday “brunch” on CB…it was a “liquid brunch” and got pretty cocked b4 noon that day. I still see her occasionally as she is not on as much & at times when she is, I’m not! She was my 1st CB couple room although she was mostly solo when I was visiting. Again…had some wonderful times & still have memories of those times in Steph’s room!!
    Getting back to Lil…let’s just say I could devote a whole chapter to her alone! When I saw her it was, well like love at first sight, but I knew better. I was infatuated with a younger woman from one of my previous sites, but that’s a whole new book entirely. That was my cyber-chat learning experience of a lifetime. When I saw Lil it was like nobody else mattered, and I wanted to give her my world…still do! Before my eyes through the magic of electronics & the internet sat a gorgeous woman with such a sexy voice & bubbly personality.She looks so sweet & innocent, but is actually devilishly delicious! I was immediately hooked. we chatted, along with others in the room & I forget if she had a mod at the time, but after frequenting her room, tipping like a madman & just getting to know her as a person, not just a performer, we formed a friendship that I trust will last a long time, and i became one of her top mods…a true mod! I believe that her’s was my first Fan Club membership too.( I have to say that due to my personal situation at the time, between Dec. 18th, 2012 & March of 2013, I spent money like I had no limits. Some of which I regret now, but most of which I don’t. CB has become my home away from the madness of my true home…my Happy Place, and as I have said to many on cb, all my new best friends are screen names, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything)!! I still try to help Lil with her set goals, but lately, as soon as I get tokens, they’re gone within 24 hours, so if she happens not to be on that particular day, what can I say…no self-control, besides the fact that I have many more rooms now that I mod, and try to spread my tips around evenly. I was born a “baller” I guess!! CB nickname for heavy tipper!! When I started visiting cb, one of most popular apps was Tip Goal King…became my instant favorite and still is. I spent many a night in Lil’s room, and have to admit, I rocked that room more than a few times!! Sometimes alone, other times with help just tipping back & forth with others to try to be King for that goal. In the beginning I was there to tip like mad and see a show, no matter what room I was in. After 3-4 solid months, I became more interested in meeting the person, the personality, and not just the performer, as well as all the chat that occurs. It’s not just the chat either, it’s the people themselves that I have come to really like, and not with just other mods, but with just about everyone who’s in the room. I could fill probably 1-2 pages with all the names I know and have known in my first year alone!! But I digress…I do that a lot, as thoughts just pop into my warped brain while writing this. I’ll try to wrap up my experiences in Lil’s room with this: First of all her room name Lilsquirt1 was far from little when she did actually “squirt”, and used a kiddie pool to avoid making a mess!! I remember one particular night, I was in her room for 3-4 hours, and had such a blast! I told her the next night that I lost 5 pair of shorts (underwear) because they stuck to the ceiling when she was done with each show!! Now I just don’t wear any when I know I’ll be visiting!! My co-mods in Lil’s room were/are Aflack420, Matt_White21, LuckyAshley, Damien420, Appleici, Minkpussycat.

    Sugar is another one whom I still visit occasionally (whenever she gets on). She is also very sweet, but will tell you where to get off in a heartbeat..her attitude & beauty attracted me right off the bat! Not to mention her tattoos!! she is the sexiest “inked” lady I have come to know & love on cb. Although I’m basically just her FC member now, I was 1 of her mods shortly after meeting her. Upon my second visit if I remember correctly. As with Lil, she’s another southern beauty that I am attracted to not just due to the accent, but the warm personality that they radiate. Once again, as was popular then, Tip Goal King was the major app., and I was right there in the thick of things. My mod brothers there were… (TBA). she even saved me from being a grey not too long ago by tipping me 1 token & for that I will be forever grateful.

    Another lady on cb that I’ve known for quite some time now, and only visit occasionally is Domino. I no longer mod her room as I don’t see her too often. We had some wild times in the past, and her silliness as well as her great singing voice is what attracted me to her besides being gorgeous. Her 25 token, random acts/gestures are classics from the pillow humping to the turkey! You have to witness it to fully appreciate how entertaining she really is! Once again…I have modded, was a FC member, and visit as often as our time allots us. I call her Triple D now because I love the way she pronounces/announces her Domino Dollar rewards. She’s my Domino Dollar Darlin’!! Mods who were with me were…(TBA)

    Those were/are my longstanding, longest known ladies/rooms. So much more to add, and so many names to cover in the next few chapters. Wrought with emotion. They’ll make you laugh, cry and probably encourage you to join cb shortly after, if you aren’t a member already.

    During the “off times”, when none of my main rooms were open, is when I began “trolling” or just looking for new faces. The face of woman is what attracts me first, and my perfect 4/4 is: 1-pretty face, 2–small breasts, 3-sexy voice. Throw in a great personality, and Ima fan for life! Not that all my rooms are the perfect 3/3, or 4/4 for that matter, but I will always keep them as my follows and visit as often as I can. I’ll try to dedicate a few, shit, many pages, and list them all somewhere in this book. I’m thinkin’ at least 5-10 pages worth, and am sorry if I missed anyone, will do my damnest to remember all of them. Some are not mods but have forever touched my life.

    I have, and still do, mod for not just ladies, but men (mods mostly), couples, and trannies too! Like I said before, I’m there for the person(s), not the performers.
    My favorite “tranny”, yeah I modded more than 1, is and will always be Alexavanity. Gorgeous face, sexy voice, and she accepted me as a mod within 2-3 visits. Well, I kinda talked her into it, cuz at the time, she was kinda new & had a ton of rude greys in her room. We pm’d & talked, and she told me all about her conversion/transgendering, and I wanted to help her as much as I could. I still visit maybe 2 or 3 times a month, just to say hi, and see how she’s doing. If you saw her face & listened to her without knowing, you could never tell she was a trans-gender. Such a sweetheart, and if you’re shocked and appalled, put this fukkin’ book down now, cuz it’s not for you, and if you’re intrigued, you aint heard nothin’ yet!!!

    My first year was quite long and adventurous, especially since this kind of chat room environment was kind of new to me. I had been in other chat room on sites, but most viewers/users din’t mingle the way that CB did. I learned the “basics” as quick as I could and was on my way to what was to become a wild & somewhat expensive ride. I’d say a figure of at least $10, 000 would be a rough estimate of what I was to spend in 1 year. This was counting all the tokens I had purchased, plus the Amazon gifts for various women. Hey, I was in a depression from my marriage break-up! That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.
    I spent the first few months between Lily, Sugar, Jordyn, Domino, Autumn, & Alexa rooms. Some nights went on forever…into the wee hours of the morning, especially with Lily & Jordyn (the 2 of them currently exchange tweets & I’d love to see those two together)! The squirt shows & cum shows were utterly fantastic & still are even though CB put a stop to the “squirting” just about. I can remember going into work the next day a zombie from lack of sleep & partying so much the night before. Those were the fun times when CB was my happy place & I just couldn’t get enough of. There’s more drama now on there but I’ll save that for later on. It was a time we all got along, nobody cared who visited where & the tokens were always plentiful.

    Here’s my room list in random order, most visited to least/ newer rooms:

    Effy_xo, Finleyblake, Finley_, Mellbell, Lilsquirt1, Brandi_belle, Allison_winchester, Addisonfire, Kenadeebear, Just_Jordy (aka JordynLeeXXX), Blondiebanger, Anya96, Sexivonkat, Willowswonderland, Salacia710, Autumn_storm, Autumn_storm21, Kati3kat, Breezygirl, Arabella_fae, Babyjas, Arielanderson, Arielanderson93, Hellokitty25, Lunafae, Littlemissmary, The_fuh_kings, Katnisevergreen, Foxy_gamer, Shyfox420, Eevie_moon, Twizzlerlips, Sexy_siren, Lana_rain, Miss_bee, Chroniclove, Alexavanity, Holihurricane, Annamercury, Andariel, Lealalane, Eeevee, Lilylittles, Firenice1111, Molly_snow, Creamycarlie, Naughtyyangel, Allteya, Karefree, Playwithpixie, Hollyhawkes, Sea_ward, Jade_nile, Hellcat_, Echoasaria, Starlove420, Sxyanna, Lilsugartink89, Fairykarina, Evafangoria, Kaybear420, Sophia_secret, Blazefyre, Birdylovesit, Sweetiepie4you, Beefysbaby, Naughtyalicex_, Mistymonday, Livihumanity, Mohawkmolly, Kinkycandy69, Mackennadawn, Leighbabyy, Ashleylayne, Kassie_k, Cockyangel, Luckyashley1989, Miss_picante, American_honey, Cutecindy18, Sweetsexyjess, Blueblack37, candi_mandi, Sinsemilla, Krystalorchid, Kaitln, Autumnvondoe, Kaylee99, Harleyrose, Juicy_melons, Claireity, Darkgoddessamber, Katiestevens, Briannabi, Amelialuxx, Helena73, Rylie_nicole, Juicyjaymie, Helloharley, Jen91, ch3rryb0mb, Candyboom, Ryliibelle, Lizmreow, Theghostfaerie, Kloie, Sophieandkaiden, Crazycrissy, Marlia, Easygoing1, Starvampirechick, Joy4soul, Jadesparks, Onlyonce1111, Blondepixie, Sweetcannibal66, Anabelleleigh, Cloeskyyxxx, Sassyhelen, Jaymexxx, Ninjagamergirl, Sexkitteh, Haylihaze, Lexxiluciousxx, Submissivealexis, Sexycassie, _spencer, Maddiiminxx, Lillexie, Wildgirl, Hazyeyedlovers, Gwen_b, Kailfoxx, Kayleefyre, Sweetkenssy, Jewelkat23, Sugarbitch, Audrey

    Mods & mod-buddies coming next: