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DigitalPorch is a fun destination for all to come and play, goof off, share and connect with family & friends, and make new friends, So kick it on the porch and let your mind, body and imagination connect with others from around the world. So sign up, build and add your imagination to your wall, make friends, click on your friends name and post to their wall. In the DigitalPorch Lobby, click updates to keep current on all latest post from all your friends, or click everything to see everything from everybody. Or if you just want to see who you’re following has posted, click following, and the same goes for your friends, just click my friends. You can even follow your friends, and they can follow you, to keep updated with the comings and goings of this melting pot, which is LIFE.
Unlike the other place (We all know where) freely express your thoughts and opinions without fear of being banned for having a conservative view.
This is DigitalPorch, Everybody Lets (GRUUV)

(Connect, Express, Share)

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